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What We Do!

We work hard to bring our Community Together. More people are waking up around the World. and We only hope to Help some find their Path.


RToL  has Led Rituals at Morgantown Pagan Pride Day 2018, Earth Magic in Morgantown, Beltane 2018 as well as at Gatherings around the State.

On March 25, 2020, Lady Gwendolyn led a 24-hour Healing Day for her Beloved West Virginia during the Covid-19, in hopes of Directing healing Energy as a volcano from WV back out into the World. That began WV Pagan Day of Prayer. See that page for Event Information


Lady Gwendolyn has been hosting Gatherings since 2012. Giving the Community a Chance to find others in their areas. 

Priestess Lady Morganna and Lady Lilith is now Hosting Gatherings stay turned to Social Media Post and our Blog to see what's New.

Witches and Wine

Witches and Wine was a Educational Gathering Space where you received knowledge and Fun from a unique perspective. a little wine to honor the Gods, made for some great fun.


Lady Gwendolyn has written ceremonies for weddings, wiccaning's, and Coming of Age. She has written and performed over 15 Weddings/Commitment ceremonies.


A Year and a Day the Rowan Temple of Light Way begins February 2020

Based more on Spiritual than Wicca.

Lady Gwendolyn has Been hosting Live Class/Chats online during 2020. See Facebook Page for more Information. Check out Rowan Temple of Light Online Community for Classes.

Community service

Lady Gwendolyn is a Graduate/ Member of the West Virginia Developmental Disability Council Partners and Policymaking, A Facilitator of West Virginia Leadership Academy, others up and coming.

Tea and Tarot

Lady Morganna Began Tea and Tarot on her Tick Tok in February of 2021 and Has been doing collective and private readings since.  

Lady Gwendolyn's Divination Night

Divination Night is a Show created by Lady Gwendolyn. it is Live on Facebook and YouTube Wednesday Nights at 8pm From January to April. Viewers request readings from the shows guest. Created as a Promotional and Educational as well as a Enjoyable experience. it can also be found on Spotify. Follow the link to the Show.

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