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Lady Minerva

Lady Minerva is the newest member of Rowan Temple of Light. She was born and raised in West Virginia. She is an Appalachian Eclectic witch by heart, a death worker, and a practicing druid. She follows many Celtic gods as well as Angels, Hecate and Loki. Minerva started learning about Wicca at a very young age and it sparked something within her. She finally was able to really start actively practicing, not just studying, around the age of 18. She was in the broom closet for a very long time, and now lives her truth loud and proud.

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My Story


Minerva has a love for crafting and spends her time making prayer beads for deities in her shop, The Mystic Bazaar. She has been looking for her people desperately and believes to have found them within Rowan Temple of Light. She met Lady Gwendolyn in 2021 online and met in person at pagan pride, and as soon as Minerva met RToL, she knew she was meant to be a part of their Coven. Minerva has mothered two children, one boy and one girl. She has a Fiancé who she is soon to handfast with in 2023. Minerva resides in Parkersburg WV and has a goal to create a safe space for pagans in her local area.

Contact Lady Minerva

For More information about my business check out my Website. Let's connect.

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