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Keynote Speaker   Sara Mastros

Sara Mastros, author of Orphic Hymns Grimoire and Big Book of Magical Incense, is Pittsburgh's leading Witch for Hire.


She teaches tarot, witchcraft, Greek and Near Eastern mythology, Pan-Levantine folk magic, and practical sorcery online and at festivals all over the east coast. She’s also a co-owner of Quicksilver Cards & Games, an app company that produces both the Fool’s Dog family of tarot, lenormand, and oracle apps and the game


Enjoy Sudoku! You can check in on her courses and lessons at, sign up for her newsletter at, or follow all her witchy shenanigans on facebook at

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2023 Clergy

Carver Jenesis Casey (They/Them)


Born to the Southern valleys of West Virginia, Carver seeks to utilize their experience as witch and Goði (Norse Priest) in order to bring a voice to areas of intersectionality. Carver identifies as Deep Animist, Asatru, and witch – working in those worlds for over twelve years, leading workshops in a variety of subjects such as: Tarot, Rune work, Traditional Witchcraft, Norse Magick, Queer & LGBT Magick, Pagan Reconstructionism, and Appalachian Folk Working. This will be their first time attending Central WV Pagan Pride, and they look forward to sharing space, learning from, and networking with everyone in attendance.


Classes for 2023

"How Whisperers Heal the Shadows”

by Megan Black

Whisperers (Szeptucha) have been helping folks heal from shadow aspects. Whether it stems from self or outside forces. This class will teach you one way to heal these shadows.


The Art of Norse Shapeshifting” by Carver Casey (They/Them)


HamrammR an Old Norse word meaning “Skin-strong” or “one who dons another skin(shape)”. In this workshop, we will be engaging with the history and psycho-spiritual technique of Norse “skin-changing” and discussing its spiritual and psychological significance both historically and in modern use. Attendees will also have an opportunity to learn and practice skin-donning techniques using provided materials (vegan and faux-fur options available) but are encouraged to bring any of their own pelts, furs, animal masks, or totems they would wish to work with.

Ancestor communion ritual

by Sara Mastros

Please bring photos or mementos of your beloved dead. It's her late father's birthday that day. 

            Pagan Panel 2023

Beginning at 1pm after Award

A conversation about Topics affecting us all. 

Aeson Knight is Currently Serving as H.P. of the Coven of the Crystal Owls in Oak Hill is a 3rd Degree High Priest and Clergy of Wicca within the State of West Virginia trained in two main traditions and has served the community since early 2000. Our WV Pagan of the Year 2020.


Sara Mastros- Pittsburgh's leading with for hire, Author or 2 books Orphic Hymns Grimoire and Big Book of Magical Incense. You can find Classes, Spells, tools, and ll kids of magic at 

Mo Cabot Cumming-A priestess in the Cabot Kent hermetic tradition. 2020 Central West Virginia Pagan Pride Pagan of the Year. and Owner of 2023 Central West Virginia Pagan Pride Shop of the Year Earth Magic: Books, Stones, Crystals & Talisman

Meghan Black is owner of She’s The Whisperer, she is Szeptucha, CYI, RMT, Cert. Meditation Teacher, Cert. Crystal therapist, tarot & bone reader.  She is 2023 Central West Virginia Pagan Pride Pagan of the Year

Psychics and Readers

Casey Magicswell- Reiki Master, Paranormal Consultant, Magicxwell Art, Psychic Medium


The Pendulums Path- Natalie McVicker 2023 Influencer of the Year








Aeson Knight- Master Psychic- Also find Aeson at 1pm leading the conversation at Aeson Knight's Pagan Panel

The Psychics of the Day 
We are very Honored to have these Talented Readers set up for you
get your answers from .

Artist of the Year 2023
Sarah E. Cook


Vendors for 2023

First Aide
Rowan Temple of Light
May Queens
Sara Mastros
Appalachian Pagan Ministry
Magpie's Treasures
Seeds of Hope
Appalachian Willows & Brooms
Mottfolio Design
The Pendulumns Path 
Aeson Knight 
The Crafty Chameleon
The Esoteric Book Club
H Dyes Co, Tie Dye

Mojo’s Holistic Harmony
Jamie's Warm Hugs Scentsy 


Ember Crystals
Luna Moths Bewitchery
Alfie Graphics
The Chaotic Crow
Phoenix Fire Apothacacary
Hobbit Handiworks
Creating Kynthos
Lucky Omen Tattoo
The Emerald Goblin
The Hodge Podge Shop
The Mountain Phoenix 
Magicxwell Art
Kutts Wood
Casey Magicswell
The Two Tinkers
Kobold Hollow
Barefoot Gypsy
Metro-Valley Pagan Pride


Central WV Pagan Pride 2023

11 Opening Ritual w/ Carver Jenesis Casey

12 Pagans in Recovery with Rev. Donna Donovon

1 Awards and Pagan Panel

2 Sara Mastros Keynote Speaker

3 James Dolan-Musician

4  "How Whisperers Heal the Shadows”

by Meghan Black

5 “HamrammR:

The Art of Norse Shapeshifting” by Carver Jenesis Casey

6 Drum Circle and Closing Ritual w/ Carver Jenesis Casey


Tim and Maggie

Tim & Maggie play instrumental folk music. They grew up with it; they have studied it and have traveled throughout the United States, England, Scotland and France looking for it. They teach music professionally, work on instruments every day and play music in their spare time.  They contribute their time and music to the local scene partly in hope that young people will get involved in music and the arts and find more joy in their lives and their communities.  Their instruments are flutes and frets and their arrangements are contrapuntal, line against line, informed by the classic music of past masters.  Wherever they play, people are charmed by their wit and compelling melodies.  They can often be heard in our area playing at restaurants, weddings, college programs, open mikes and local festivals.  Tim is also a composer; Maggie is also a piano tuner.



(donations to help our community)

Appalachian Pagan Ministry is a pan-pagan ministry devoted to building an engaged, passionate, and spiritually fulfilled community of people from all backgrounds and faiths. We are devoted to engaging and impacting one another and others, believing it is our responsibility to set an example of service.

*Send Monatary donation to Paypal 


Camping Available at Park
25.00 a night for water and Electric 
15.00 for no utility to reserve just

 Central WV Pagan Pride Event is in the Heart of WV. 

This Year's Theme Quoth the Raven "Working in the Shadows is about seeking to grow through challenging ourselves. Shadow Work as its currently known is about facing the parts of you that you don't like and working on changing that behavior or thought process. 

Join us as we journey into the darkness to face our fears. 

Get Your Free Digital Download Event Program HERE!!

Our Nurturing Kitchen

Led by High Priestess and Herbalist 

Beth Laf

"What I do defines my existence"

Beth has been a witch since birth. Growing up in a publicly Catholic family she embraced the trips to the woods to harvest wild things with her aunt's . Perhaps it was living next to an 1800s graveyard or perhaps it was the trips to Circle Sanctuary and listening to Selena Fox and others that brought the study of esoterica and earth based faith to the forefront of her life.

Beth studied herbalism for many years in a private study program before receiving her certification.
As a young adult she studied psychology and world religions which lead to a deeper understanding of her place in it.

She founded her first coven in 1993 and opened the first witch focused coffee and herb shop in Green Bay Wisconsin in 1997. She was one of the five founding members of Deeply Rooted Intentional Community.

She has continued studying while raising her family and traveling around the middle of the country from Wisconsin to Arkansas and Missouri to Louisiana and Texas studying and learning and teaching along the way as part of many different study groups and covens until finally finding a spiritual home in Southern West Virginia. Recently she re-embraced her Life Coaching and tarot skills and works professionally under her stage name Melissa Alfred. She along with her spouse of 20 years are developing a spiritual retreat center and all faiths celebration destination on top of the mountain they own.

She is Co-Founder and Award Winner of the West Virginia Tarot Association annual award for best reader.
The West Virginia Tarot Association is a professional association designed to promote and advance tarot and psychic work as a viable career path for WV residents

She is a member of the Central West Virginia Pagan Pride Planning Committee,

She is now Hosting Witches and Salsa a Gathering in her area where you can take part in the study group for fledgling and adult pagans who are interested in her craft based flavor of witchcraft.

To Check out West Virginia Tarot Association

To Book a Reading simply go to 

Our Food is A Fundraiser for Us so Eat on site to help fund the Event.

2024 Menu

Epona's Sacred Circle by Lady Morganna

The area for the Kids will be set up on the Side of the Pavillion


Crafts, Fun, Books 

Join them for May Queen Story Time at 12:30 in Epona's Circle

Get your Picture Taken with our May Queens

2024 May Royalty


2023 May Queen

Kayla Guttlip

Honoring our Brother and Sisters

Ritual to honor our Fallen, In Remembrance of

Message to Add name in Opening Prayers

Pagan of the Year 2023

Meghan Black


Meghan Black is a Szeptucha (shep-too-hah) or szeptunka, this is a Slavic Folk Magic Practitioner also known as a Whisperer. She has over twenty years of study and practice under her belt. The focus of her studies have always been folk magics but recently those have been narrowed to truly focus on her Polish and Slavic heritages. This has been a slow moving effort as most resources are either written in Polish, Russian or Ukrainian. This discovery has lead her to writing a book for english readers that teach the methods of a dying practice of magic and healing. This passion project is on going but has prompted new friendships and has pulled her out of her comfort zone. However, the outcome will be worth the work as there will finally be a manual, in english, for people to learn how to become a Szeptucha. Meghan also teaches classes and performs her whisperer services at Earth Magic in Star City, WV. From crystals to bone casting classes, she loves to share her knowledge and working at Earth Magic, she is able to help new witches and advanced witches with their practice. She has also created a line of vegan and 10 free nail polishes. These polishes go through a deep and intense ritual so that the magic of the ritual is imbued within the polish. Each one has its own ritual and its own intent allowing you to posses that magic by wearing the polish. She also crafts ritual items such as hand bound Book of Shadows, infused oils, and ethically sourced bone ritual items. Most of these products can be found at Earth Magic or her website. Keep your eyes open for the debut of the new quarterly magazine Whispers of Magic to be released this Halloween! This is a joint project between Meghan and fellow witch Mo Cummings. A magazine by witches for witches. Sharing knowledge and passions about their practices. Find Meghan at

Shop of the Year 2023


Located at  3506 University Avenue
Morgantown, WV 26505.


Earth Magic has been as Central Hub for the Community of Morgantown and Surrounding Areas and States, since their inception. Earth Magic is Owned by Mo Cummings.

Classes are offered regularly, and you never know which unique soul they bring in to share different perspectives from. 

They host Events such as Mystic Artist yearly and most recently a Yule Ball and Partnered for Beltane in the Hills.

They have your basic needs as well as locally home made items from Local members of the community. Mo embraces everyone.

*Mo was 2020 Pagan of the Year

Influencer of the Year 2023

Natalie McVicker

The Pendulums Path

Natalie McVicker is a 38 year old psychic medium who was born in Edinburgh Scotland but currently resides in West Virginia. Natalie was born with a natural connection to spirit and had multiple times where her abilities resulted in some very interesting and unexplainable moments growing up.

Natalie has Awards from Best Tarot Reader 2021, May Queen 2022, and now Influencer of the year for Her Podcast and Business The 

Pendulums Path.

She has been actively helping others for over 3 years full time. Find themselves and being free to live their best lives. And Sometimes Visitors stop by and you get to experience the medium with her. 

Merch Order Form is Here!!!

T-shirts are $25 each. You pick the design.

With or Without Logo

The 2 inch designs would go over the heart, where a pockets would be, or if the want the larger 5inch design they would be center chest.

5 inch stickers are $6

2 inch stickers are $3

Buttons of either design are $3 also.

For pick up event day, I can get them to you and there won't be a shipping cost or they can meet me to pick up free. Otherwise I can ship out to anywhere.

Use coupon Pickup if it will be picked up instead of shipped!

Special Thanks to Darlene Collins for Being our Merch Designer and Creator.

Holly Grey Park 

A family outdoor recreation center with rustic camping sites, bathhouse and restrooms nearby. Resident camp facility with sleeping quarters for up to 125, a council circle, plus Holly Gray Center dining facility with seating for up to 150. Picnic area, shelters, pavilion, horse show ring, and two ponds stocked for fishing. County fairground.

Braxton County Visitors

Centrally located, Braxton County, West Virginia is the ideal location for any statewide organization to hold its meetings and retreats. Braxton County offers top of the line facilities that can meet the needs of any budget. Natural beauty and recreation abound with two beautiful lakes, an easily navigable river water trail, and many scenic vistas. Nearly all of our attractions can be found within a few miles of the four interstate-79 exits located within our county limits.

2024 Central WV Pagan Pride
Resurrecting Appalachian Magic
August 10, 2024

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